About Us


This is mostly about travel – the planning that fills us with the anticipation of travel, the hedonistic enjoyment of travel plans fulfilled, and the contagious sharing of our passion for travel.

This is about a community of travelers, and the sharing of our experiences, places visited, and discoveries made.

I am merely traveler number 1.  I conceived the idea of a community of travelers sharing their passion.  And I am building out the foundation for the site, standing up the skeletal framework for the content to come, and laying down a model for others to follow through the expression of their individual passion.

I propose 4 broad travel related categories with the possibility of correlation among them:

Travel Planning – essentially planning, and logistics, “the why and how of getting there”

Destinations – the places we visit and the things we do there

Travel Tips – Sharing things that improve getting there and being there

Travel Tales – A collection of fond memories from our travels

A Travel Planning post is basically about one or more destinations, and each should link to its respective Destinations posts.  A Destinations post doesn’t necessarily need a Trips post because some destinations require relatively little up-front planning.  Related destinations posts should link to each other.  Travel Tips posts should be independent of Trips and Destinations posts, because any related travel tips should be embedded within the post in question.  A good generic Travel Tips post might be “How to Make the Hotel/Apartment Decision for Your Next Destination”.

I post as AfflictedTraveler rather than my IRL name because this isn’t about me, it’s about my passion.  While I prefer the anonymity, I wouldn’t require it of others.  It’s a personal choice.

April 2017