Immersive Travel Motivation

Immersive Travel Motivation 

As if I needed a reason – I travel because the voyage fulfills so many needs for me personally. I want to share with you some of the themes that come to mind when I think about what motivates me to travel, and why I want to have an immersive traveling experience.


This is the primary reason for me, and it’s fairly self explanatory. We all do those things that are necessary in our lives, and we travel to relax, and escape our work-a-day worlds. I need the kind of relaxation that happens as a new historical destination unfolds before me, as I meander my way through it.


Discovery comes in many forms and dimensions, and is a primary driver for travel for most people. Exploration yields the pure joy of discovering new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods, sampling new wines, and becoming one with the locals for a few days.


The ways people live, and go about their lives, eat, entertain, and work. It varies greatly between countries, and even cities within countries. Different aspects of life are emphasized, for example – the balance between work and home, depending on the destination explored. The incredible cultural contrast among the destinations visited – from the fastidious and punctual, to laissez faire hedonism, and La Dolce Vita, I am both delighted and respectful as I take part in the local ways of life.


There is no better way to experience history than being in a destination that is steeped in it. The world is dotted with historic destinations, cities, and locations, waiting to be discovered and explored through an immersive travel experience. I could spend a lifetime exploring Europe alone.


Historic, from antiquity, spanning the centuries and sometimes the millennia – architecture does something to the soul that observes it. The appreciation of interesting architecture fills the imagination with the stories that might be retold – if only the marble, and brick had a voice.


Everyone loves food, following their own proclivities, and inclinations. But the person with an open mind, a broad palate, and just the right amount of adventurousness and curiosity will discover food and drink worthy of kings and royalty. All over the world, cuisine discovered there often is reason alone for the voyage.


Immersive travel is broadening, personally enriching, and changes your perspective on the world without making any kind of overt effort to do so. It just happens, and it is amazing. I find myself reflecting on trips and destinations, knowing that I’m both a different, and better person from having made the journey.


Of this sin, I am so guilty. It is my affliction. I am not alone. And no amount of travel as a tonic quenches this thirst. I hope it never will.

Bucket List

Our youth don’t understand the importance of the Bucket List as a concept. It’s the sort of thing that emerges as you grow older, and reflect on your life, and the things that really matter. What do I really want. What do I really need. And why don’t I do those things that really matter to me, when it’s all said and done. It’s the sort of thing that happens when “maturity” gets old. Travel scratches a lot of itches for many, many people – especially those afflicted with the torment.

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